Thinking Outside The Box: 4 Things That Can Replace The Traditional Guestbook


A guestbook, a formal book that all guests sign is standard at all sorts of gatherings, including birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, and so on. While a guestbook makes a great keepsake, it often gets stored away and only brought out occasionally, which makes it difficult to enjoy it fully. What's more, traditional guestbooks usually only have enough room for people to sign their names, so they're not very meaningful or creative.

15 June 2016

3 Tips For Creating A Custom Sign For Your Business


Your business sign usually has only a few seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. If your sign is underwhelming, you could have trouble attracting the customers that you want and need. Here are some tips to use to make your sign more effective.  Be Smart With Your Color Selections The colors you choose for your sign can play a major role in just how memorable it is. Many big name brands have used color effectively over the years in their advertisements to attract customers and you can too.

14 June 2016

3 Must-Haves For Your Business Sign


A business sign is crucial for drawing attention to your business and making it command attention. After all, no one is going to know your business is there if there is nothing telling people to stop in. A large business sign does just that. However, you want to make sure your business sign is designed to draw attention to your business and not distract those who you want to read it.

10 February 2016

Things To Consider When Designing Custom Signage For Your Business


In order for your business to succeed, you need to promote it. Otherwise, your target market may not even know you're open for business. Having a custom banner designed to help you promote your business, locally, is a great idea. Custom signage can be ordered from online or local companies that specialize in digital printing. However, before you design and order a custom commercial sign, you need to consider these design aspects.

11 December 2015

How To Rehab A Fading Or Chipping Wooden Sign


Is your wooden sign looking a bit worse for wear? If the wood is still intact, and it is mainly the paint that is showing wear, you may be able to repaint it yourself. All you need an a free afternoon, some basic painting supplies, and these instructions. Wait for a day when the weather report calls for 2 – 3 dry days in a row to complete this project.

6 October 2015