Countertop Signs: Why They Make A Difference


If you own a business, then you probably have lots of signs. There may be signs outlining your policies, promoting sales and events, and even showing people the way to different parts of the building. However, one place where you should include signs is the counter. These are typically smaller signs. They might contain advertisements, important information, or more. They can easily be supported with a nice plastic easel sign holder. In any case, having these signs can provide some surprising advantages and opportunities.

Make Sure Information Is Not Missed

Chances are that every person who comes into your business will need to go up to the counter. Whether your counter is where they first come to check-in or a place where they check out with their purchases, it's a spot that everyone stops at. That makes it the ideal place for putting information you don't want them to miss.

Maybe you want people to be aware of a special sale you're offering or a financing opportunity. Or, perhaps you only take cash and want to make sure everyone is well aware. Whatever the case may be, a countertop sign is your chance to relay important information to everyone.

Attract Impulse Purchases

Many businesses will keep impulse buys near the front. Items like candy, gum, keychains, jewelry, and more are all small enough to keep near or at the counter. However, people often brush by or don't notice these items. With a sign and a stand-in place, though, you can draw their attention where you want it. This may increase the impulse purchases people make, which, in turn, can increase your profits.

Enjoy Easy Advertising

Finally, your countertop sign is your perfect, free place to advertise. Have a new product coming in soon? Or maybe you're hosting a major event and want people to attend. No matter what, you can advertise right on your own counter with a well-designed sign supported by a sign holder.

Regardless of why you use countertop signs, easel holders can be a big help. Not only do they keep your sign exactly where you want it, but they are incredibly versatile. You can find these holders in different sizes and designs. From the plain to the eye-catching, there is sure to be an easel sign holder for you. Best of all, you can reuse them with different signs of the same size, which enables you to get your money's worth. So, armed with some great sign holders, go ahead and start putting up counter signs. It can make a big difference!

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12 August 2021

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