Types of Signage to Use When Your Business Will Be Opening Soon


The right signage can be instrumental in informing the community that you have a business that will soon be opening its doors. Speak to a local custom sign company like the one that you're using to produce your organization's exterior and interior signs to come up with some ideas for signs with "Coming Soon" wording that you can display. These signs won't be permanent, but they'll be critical to help spread some excitement about your opening in the weeks and days before that event. Here are three types of signage that your sign company may recommend as being useful for this purpose.

Feather Flags

If you were to drive around your community, you'd likely see a few feather flags set up in front of businesses. These signs are highly effective because of their visibility. Feather flags often use bright colors to help them stand out, and their frequent movement is also an asset. Think about ordering a couple of these signs with "Coming Soon" wording, as well as your company's name and logo. You can display one feather flag in front of your door and another at the edge of your property line in the weeks before your opening date.


Banners can also be effective for spreading the word about your business' opening day. The large size of this type of sign allows you to provide several details that will be relevant to the community. You might wish to choose a sign that uses colors that are consistent with your organization's branding. Alternatively, a banner in a bright hue (something fluorescent, for example) can be easy for anyone in the area to spot. Many businesses hang "Coming Soon" banners on the fronts of their buildings. Generally, a banner of this nature will come with grommets, making it easy to install with some rope.

Window Decals

While the above two types of signage are known for their high visual impact, you might wish to choose a slightly subtler approach. One good option is a group of window decals that you can place on the front windows of your business — and then remove once you're open. People who walk past your business may glance at your windows and will see the decals with the "Coming Soon" wording. Your local sign company can customize each of these examples to suit your needs, as well as suggest other signage that may be impactful in this application.


17 November 2020

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