Great Things About Monument Signs


The sign you choose for the exterior of your business can be so important to its overall growth and success. This is especially true if the business building is set back a bit from the street, making the structure harder to see. There are many types of signs that you can go with. However, one great type of sign is the monument sign. You can learn more about monument signs, as well as some reasons why they are often a good fit, in this article. 

What a monument sign is

A monument sign is a sign that is a freestanding sign that tends to sit lower to the ground than many other types of signs. In fact, they often sit so close to the ground that they have very little free space that's between the sign and the ground. These signs tend to be designed to be built strong, so they will last for many years. 

Monument signs can be very large

When it comes to taller signs, there may be limitations when it comes to just how large the signs can be. However, the lower positioning and sturdy design of a monument sign mean they don't have some of those size-related concerns other types of signs can have. As long as they fit in the space on the ground, they can be extremely large. The size makes these signs highly visible from a great distance. 

Monument signs can be used as directional cues

When there is a huge monument sign in front of a business location, the sign can become one of the direction points given to customers that makes it easier for them to find the business. When the business property is very large, the parking lot entrance and the main portion of the building can be a hassle to find. So, having the monument sign there makes this easier. 

Monument signs can add to the landscape

Another great thing about a nice monument sign is that it can even add to the business property landscape nicely. A well-done sign can bring some of the exterior business colors out closer to the street. The sign can also have a nice flower bed planted around it to add to the landscape in a beautiful way. One more way the sign can be used is by adding some great lighting around the sign that spotlights it at nighttime in an appealing way.

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25 July 2022

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