A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Using Banner Stands At Your Next Trade Show Marketing Event


Whether you plan to market an up-and-coming product or service at a trade show, there is a lot of planning that goes into attracting potential buyers and interested investors to your booth at all. This is why so many involved in showing their ideas at a trade show spend so much time with signage and choosing the right eye-catching materials. If you are planning an upcoming trade show showing of your new product or service, make sure you take some time to check out banner stands. Banner stands are an incredibly good signage choice for trade shows for a handful of reasons. 

Banner stands do not use a lot of floor space when on display

In most cases, when you sign up to take part in a trade show, you will be assigned a small area of floor space where you can build your display, and unless you pay quite a bit to reserve several booths or spaces, you probably will not have a lot of room to work with where signage is concerned. Banner stands are ideal for this issue because they don't take up a lot of space on the floor, but rather, they are tall to make use of vertical space instead which is most often more ample. The base of banner stands can be narrow enough to only take up a few feet of space and they are thin enough so that bulkiness will not be an issue either.  

Banner stands are perfectly portable and easy to maneuver

Toting around a bunch of bulky signage to and from the trade show building can be a major undertaking if you are not careful with the signage you choose. Banner stands are designed to be perfectly portable, however. These signs have a rod-like base, a sign that usually rolls into a canister when not in use, and a simple wired structure that you can quickly assemble once you arrive. Even the constructed banner stand is lightweight, so you can easily position it in different ways throughout the event. 

Banner stands are tall enough to attract attention from far away

The building where trade shows are held are often massive in size. Therefore, low-profile signage will just be too hard to see from a distance. Banner stands are completely different because they can actually be ordered to stand several feet in height. Choosing a bold design and a tall stand will mean onlookers will be able to view your signage from a distance. 

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12 September 2016

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