Signs Can Add Emotional Appeal Protein Powders Sales


Businesses rely on signs to draw in customers. Customers can be pragmatic about their buying decisions, but pragmatism is not always the primary reason an actual purchase is made. Appeals to emotions commonly guide buying decisions like an invisible hand. Well-devised promotional signs that combine the heralding of a great deal with enticements to feelings can possibly nudge customers towards buying protein powders that may not be moving off the shelves.

Protein Powders and Costs

Interest in sports protein powders is huge. Current figures reveal the market for protein powders and drinks is in the range of $4.7 billion annually. People have likely heard of protein drinks and realize the shakes have good nutritional value, but they might not be sure if protein powders are for them. The average person who never tried the product before is not likely to spend $59.95 for a protein meal replacement. The high cost of weight loss and training supplements is rarely a problem in a health store. In a generic pharmacy or retail store, those high-priced proteins may not find their customers. Setting up signs that reveal prices have been greatly cut helps, but might not help to the degree the seller thinks.

Beyond Just Sales

A breakaway sign post broadcasting "Half Off on Select Items" is an appeal to economic logic. Patrons know any products on a shelf underneath a "sale" or "clearance" sign serve up great savings. Greatly discounted prices may catch customer's eyes, but still might not move them to buy. This is where a creative sign may serve an assist by connecting on a level beyond the cost-conscious one.

The Average Person Image

The drawing of a fit person in regular clothes displayed on a sign may have a powerful effect. Marketing psychology plays a major role in the ability to move products. The drawing of a muscular and smiling person wearing regular clothes may be more appealing to customers than a ripped and bare-chested character. A figure dressed in regular clothes comes off as a regular person. This may appeal quite strongly to someone walking through a grocery store who just wants to look good and is not a fitness buff.

Two important things come across with this type of sign:

  • Customers realize that protein powder contributes directly to fitness and improved looks
  • The protein powder is intended for everyone, including the average person

The combined feelings-oriented visual image with the obvious price discounts on the sign could move in-stock, discounted protein powder much more easily. That means the containers of powder are generating money and not collecting dust..


16 August 2016

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