How To Make Your Church Sign A Valuable Tool For Attracting New Church Members


A church sign is a very important method of communicating with the members and non-members of a church congregation. A clever and current church sign can attract new members to a church. If you are in charge of the sign in front of your church, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Change Your Church Sign Often - As with any effective signage, it is very important to have the most current information displayed on your sign at all times. A church sign that is always updated will cause people to read your sign each time they walk or drive by. In this way, you can have an ongoing dialogue with local people. If your church sign is current and meaningful, it can cause non-members to come into your church or church office to see what is going on and who your members are. 
  • Use Humor on Your Church Sign - Humor is one of the very best ways to attract new people to your church. Humor relaxes people and can make any new situation feel warm and welcoming. The humor in your church sign will often be the very first thing that a potential new church member will see and experience about your church. If you can make someone smile and laugh, they will want to drop by and meet you and your church congregation. 
  • Have an Internally Lit Sign - It is most important to have your church sign visible at all times of the day and night. It is best to have a church sign that is internally lit or backlit so that people driving by at night can be reminded that your church is there and welcoming.  
  • Create A Church Sign Committee - In order to get the most value out of your church sign, create a church sign committee with active members of your church congregation to discuss weekly changes to your sign. You will find that when you have a group of church members thinking about your sign that you will get many new and clever ideas. You can also ask members of your church sign committee to be responsible for actually changing the letters of your church sign each week. 

Make sure that your church service times are posted on your sign along with your church name, phone number, and the name of your head pastor. Someone who consistently walks or drives by your church can be attracted by the messages on your church sign and make plans to either come to a service or contact you for more information. Have a supply of your most current church bulletins inside your church and church office so that non-members who drop by can take one and read about your pastoral staff, church groups, social activities, and ways to contact you. With a little forethought, your church sign can be a valuable tool for expanding the membership of your church. 

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4 August 2016

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