A Complete Guide To Alternative Uses For Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers are fun to collect, and they're often created with quotes, images, and ideas that people are passionate about expressing. What's not to like about them? There's only so much room on a bumper of a car, though, and eventually you may want to expand on where you can post your beloved bumper stickers. Here are some alternative uses that still allow you to express your passions with these beautiful stickers.

Decoupage Pieces 

Use bumper stickers when you are doing decoupage. Not only will you not have to use the typical glue, but it can add a whole other dimension of appeal to a project. For example, a red, white, and blue decoupage project may take on a whole other meaning with the bumper sticker that represents the politician of your choice. A bumper sticker can be a really good item to have on hand whenever you are decoupaging.


People sometime spend a lot of money on nice-looking diaries, but you don't have to spend much at all to have a nice-looking notebook. Simply pick up an inexpensive notebook at the dollar store, then add a bumper sticker to the front of it to liven it up and express the ideas of the bumper sticker wherever you go. Whether you bring the notebook to work, school, or the library, you can express what matters to you on the front of your notebook. It can also double as a great way of meeting like-minded people who are sure to be tempted to comment on your notebook.

Decorate Trunks

Suitcases and travel trunks used to be places where people displayed stickers from all the destinations they had been. This is a cool concept, but you can take it to an extra level of fun. Decorate a storage or travel trunk with all your favorite bumper stickers. You may opt to place bumper stickers with one specific theme on the trunk. For example, if you really like quotes on peace, place only peace-themed stickers on one trunk.

Filing Cabinets

Placing bumper stickers on filing cabinets is a fun way to decorate these sometimes humdrum pieces of furniture. The stickers can liven up your office or bedroom when placed on a filing cabinet. If you are worried that you may want to remove them in the future, you can get a magnet that attaches to bumper stickers to empower you to display and move them any time you want to do so.

Finally, keep in mind that you are really only limited by your own imagination. Start by trying a few of these ideas, then add your own uses for bumper stickers. You'll find that placing them on a bumper is only one of many uses for these large, attention-grabbing stickers.


19 July 2016

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