Three Things To Consider When Having A Sign Made To Promote Your Small Business


Promoting your small business at a local craft fair or flea market can be a great way to reach many customers at one time without having to invest a ton of money into marketing. If you plan to set up a booth at a local craft show or flea market in the near future, be sure to have a large, custom sign made for you to be able to hang behind your booth so people can easily find you in the large and sometimes crowded space. When having a sign made, there are often a lot of things to take into consideration. Use the guide that follows to learn how to choose the perfect sign to use to promote your business.

Consider the Size

The first thing you want to do is to consider how large or small you want the sign to be. You need to find out from the person who is in charge of the craft show or flea market how large your booth will be. You want to be sure that your sign is small enough to fit inside of your booth so that you do not encroach on your neighbor's booth when you hang it.

Consider the Colors

Next, you need to consider what colors you want to use for the sign. Many people use a white background and black font so that it is easy to read, but you do not have to be afraid to be bolder with your color selection. The more unique the sign looks, the better your chances of grabbing someone's attention from across the room. Be sure the colors you choose pair well together so that people can easily read the words that are on the sign from anywhere in the room.

Consider Adding Contact Information

Finally, you want to be sure that the sign not only lets people know what the name of your business is, but you also want to be sure that they can learn how to contact you, as well. Add your email address, website, and phone number to the sign so that people can contact you after the flea market or craft show is over.

Be sure to order the sign in advance to ensure that it will be ready for you to use at the show or market. Take the time to look it over thoroughly to make sure that all information on the sign is correct so people can easily contact you whenever they want.


15 July 2016

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