The Perfect Signs For Gyms To Attract Fitness Newbies


Commercial gyms must continually bring in new members in order to thrive. Many members of independently-owned gyms are health enthusiasts who are not adverse to lifting heavy weight and working out hard. The patronage of these individuals is definitely appreciated. Still, no gym should rely solely on a single segment of customers. Gyms should bring in people who may not already be health enthusiasts, but may be intimidated about entering the gym. Putting the proper sign out in front of the gym aids in attracting people who might be worried about whether or not a particular fitness club is for them.

Eliminate Intimidating Signs

A sign out in front of a gym featuring the caricature of a massively-muscled giant trying to deadlift a barbell is a little intimidating. If the barbell is cartoonishly bending due to being stacked with 1,000 lbs. of weighted plates, a "gym rat" might think this is the right place for him or her. An unathletic newbie looking to get in shape might think the gym is just for bodybuilders, powerlifters, or people looking to work out supremely hard. As far as attracting these people go, the sign is self-defeating.

Another bad idea for a sign would be one that features overly complicated workout equipment or exercises. One reason people are intimidated about entering a gym is, as Ed Thornton puts it in the book "More Than Just Making Them Sweat", newbies do not know how to use equipment and this type of sign adds to anxiety. And, as is the case with the other sign, this keeps potential customers out of a gym.

Use Inviting Signs

Placing a sign in front of the store featuring a skinny or heavy set cartoon figure lifting light weights definitely sends the message to the public all are welcome. In fact, such a sign could give a particular gym an edge over competitors who are not targeting the "average person" niche. The sign can be lighthearted in nature, but it should not poke fun at unathletic persons. Otherwise, the sign is going to be a turnoff and undermine its intended purpose.

Interior signs with slogans providing upbeat confidence to prospective fitness-newbie member help as well. A small sign with showing a lean -- not overly-muscled -- member smiling next to the words "How do you like your new hobby" reinforce the positive message of the exterior sign. The sign is sure to help sell prospective members on the gym.

Request Professional Services

All signs should be made by a professional manufacturer. This way, the look of the signs hits all the necessary aesthetic marks in order to deliver the biggest impact. Talk to a company like Cardinal Sign Corporation to learn more.


13 July 2016

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