3 Ways You Can Make Your Plaza-Based Business Stand Out From Other Businesses


When you have a storefront in a plaza, it can be hard to make your business look different from neighboring storefronts. Sharing the same style of building with immediate nearby businesses can make your own property easy to overlook by people passing by. If you want your business to stand out among the others in the plaza, you can do a few things to help differentiate your establishment from others. Here are 3 ways you can make your plaza-based business stand out from the others around you.

Install a custom awning

An awning is an excellent way to give your storefront an attractive and unique exterior. You can choose a custom rounded awning with your business name emblazoned on the front, or stick to traditional fabric awnings displayed canopy-style over your doors. As you remove the flat storefront impression of your business, you stand out more successfully and can help bring more customers in simply by being more noticeable. You can have a custom awning designed with your business name in it so you can add a professional appeal to your awning design you and your customers will love.

Place beautiful shrubbery

Install beautiful shrubbery on either side of your store's doors to help give your business a colorful appeal. Shrubs you can place in front of your business that are easy to take care of include:

  • juniper
  • burning bush
  • red twig dogwood
  • tea olive (fragrant)

In addition to being easy to care for and sun-loving, these shrubs are also colorful and fast-growing. Plant these shrubs in old whiskey barrels with your company's name painted on them to add further visibility to your business.

Install new doors 

Many plaza or mini mall style buildings feature identical storefronts and entry doors. It's hard to differentiate from neighboring businesses so your customers can easily find you if your business looks identical to all the others around you. Remedy this by installing updated wooden or black steel doors that reflect the modern appeal of your business and makes your storefront look different from the rest of the businesses in the plaza. Adding cursive gold signage to your doors' window glass can also make a large statement for your business.

Being a business operator in a plaza can be difficult when you want to stand out. You can use custom awnings, new doors, and even beautiful shrubbery to make your storefront look appealing compared to the others around you. This can help you bring in more customers and feel better about the building space you have. For more information, contact companies like http://www.htsva.com.


6 July 2016

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