How To Make Your Garage Sale Stand Out From The Crowd


Having a garage sale is an effective way to get rid of things you no longer want while putting some extra money in your pocket. Selling your old stuff will keep it out of the landfill and help lower your household's carbon footprint too. Here are a few things you can do to make your garage sale stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of success:

Have Professional Signs Made

Because most people make their own garage sale signs to hang up around the community, you can make a big impact by having your signs made professionally. Choose a colorful logo as the centerpiece for your signs, so they stand out from others that are around. In addition to including pertinent information such as the location, day, and time of your sale, incorporate a short slogan or tagline that will help people remember your upcoming event. Have your signs laminated, so they don't get ruined while they are exposed to the elements. Once your signs are laminated, you can further decorate them or add forgotten information to them with a permanent marker. Contact a business, such as Sign Services Inc, for more information. 

Turn the Sale into an Event

Turn your garage sale into an event that the entire neighborhood would enjoy attending. Erect a rented inflatable slide in the yard for kids to play on while their parents shop, and set up a couple of card tables in the driveway so adults can drink coffee and play games with one another during the sale. Make a few pots of coffee and fill an ice chest with soda and water so guests can stay hydrated. Hire a local band to play a few songs throughout the event. The idea is to turn the sale into a party-like atmosphere that draws people in and keeps them there long enough to be exposed to everything that you are selling.

Hold a Raffle for Free Stuff

An excellent way to stand out from the other garage sales going on at the same time as yours is to hold a raffle for free stuff. Give everyone who buys something from your garage sale a raffle ticket, and then sell the tickets for about a dollar to anyone who doesn't want to buy anything at your sale or to whoever wants more than one ticket after they finish shopping. There are several inexpensive prize options to offer your raffle winners. Consider:

  • A pair of movie tickets.

  • A picnic basket full of snacks.

  • A loaded prepaid gas card.

  • A gift certificate to a local restaurant.

You can also choose a couple of things that you plan to sell at your garage sale and give them away as prizes instead. Your prizes don't have to be worth a lot of money; they just need to be interesting and provide some personal value to the winners whether it's a chance to spend some quality time with a loved one or some help with gas expenses.

These tips and tricks should help attract people of all ages to your garage sale and decrease the chance that you'll be left with a bunch of stuff you don't want to keep after the sale is over.    


22 June 2016

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