Thinking Outside The Box: 4 Things That Can Replace The Traditional Guestbook


A guestbook, a formal book that all guests sign is standard at all sorts of gatherings, including birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, and so on. While a guestbook makes a great keepsake, it often gets stored away and only brought out occasionally, which makes it difficult to enjoy it fully. What's more, traditional guestbooks usually only have enough room for people to sign their names, so they're not very meaningful or creative. If you're looking for something to replace a traditional guestbook at your next gathering, consider one of these ideas. 

Signed Banner

Think about replacing your guestbook with a professionally printed banner (from an outlet such as Signs BY Tomorrow). Not only can the banner serve as decoration during the event, it can serve double duty as your guestbook as well. Simply have your guests sign the banner with a permanent marker. After the event, you can fold up the banner and store it or hang it somewhere where you can enjoy it. 

Digital Collage

The digital age has changed the way the majority of people create and store their keepsakes. Photos, for instance, used to be printed and kept in photo albums or photo boxes. However, many people don't even print photos anymore; they store them all digitally. Likewise, you can choose to store your guestbook digitally. Simply have someone take a photo of each person attending the party. Later, you can crop and put all of the pictures together to create your very own digital collage. 

Written Message 

If you want more than a signature, think about doing written messages in place of a guestbook. To collect written messages, have your guests write something on a small card. Then, come up with clever ways to store the written messages. Some people like to keep them in a bottle for a "message in a bottle" theme. There are message scrapbooks as well that have pockets for people to slide their message cards into. 

Video Book

While a video book takes a lot of work, it is well worth it. To create one, have someone take videos of each of your guests saying something. After the event, have someone edit the pieces of footage together into one, continuous video stream. 

As you can see, there are several different ways you can replace a traditional guestbook at your next gathering. And these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. If you can imagine it; you can do it.   


15 June 2016

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