3 Must-Haves For Your Business Sign


A business sign is crucial for drawing attention to your business and making it command attention. After all, no one is going to know your business is there if there is nothing telling people to stop in. A large business sign does just that. However, you want to make sure your business sign is designed to draw attention to your business and not distract those who you want to read it. When designing your next sign, here are three must-haves for your sign.

Large format print.

One of the main things your sign is going to need is a font that people can easily read. Go with something that people driving down the road can easily see and read in a short amount of time. You can have the best looking sign in the world, but none of that is going to matter if you make the print so small that people don't stand a chance to read what it has to say. The larger the print you can go, the better it is going to be for anyone who is driving by and looking at it.

Clear logo and brand.

Your sign is an extension of your business. Because of that, you need to make sure you have a large picture of your logo on the sign. Your sign should also reflect upon your brand to bring the whole picture together. If your main business model is all about health food, you don't want a sign of an overweight person eating junk food with a slogan saying that everyone should eat junk food. Your brand should reflect the message you want to convey to people.

Message that can easily be read.

Your message should be short, simple and to the point. You have to remember that people only have so long to try to read your sign as they drive by. Because of this, your sign should have a catchy phrase that is going to make people take notice, without them having to drive back and forth five times just to read the entire message. Make the message as to the point as possible, without compromising the integrity of the sign.

By having the three things above incorporated into your sign, you can make sure that your sign is going to continue drawing customers in with each passing day. Don't compromise your sign all for the sake of saving a few bucks. It isn't going to be worth it in the end.

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10 February 2016

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