Things To Consider When Designing Custom Signage For Your Business


In order for your business to succeed, you need to promote it. Otherwise, your target market may not even know you're open for business. Having a custom banner designed to help you promote your business, locally, is a great idea. Custom signage can be ordered from online or local companies that specialize in digital printing. However, before you design and order a custom commercial sign, you need to consider these design aspects.


The size of your banner or sign should be determined by how and where the signage will be displayed. Mid-sized banners work well for trade show booths, because the people walking by have a few seconds to read the words on your banner. However, if you're ordering a commercial sign to attract potential customers driving past your company, you need a sign with letters that are large enough to make the sign visible from a distance that allows drivers several seconds to process the wording. To choose the right size for your sign, choose your wording and letter size first. Then, choose a sign that's large enough to display your wording.


The color of your commercial sign is important, because when people look at a color, it triggers a physical and emotional response.

  • If you want to attract impulse shoppers,include the color red in your design. Red is energetic. It encourages quick decisions, which is why it's a common color for sale signs.
  • Green and blue are colors that are commonly used in advertisements for financial institutions because they represent security and stability. Either color is a great color choice for your sign if you're trying to attract a more traditional crowd of people or budget shoppers.
  • While black, gray, and white are all considered neutral colors, they do have a big impact when they are used as secondary colors on commercial signs. Choose white or a mid-tone gray as a secondary color if your sign will be used to attract long-term customers or everyday advertising. If you are trying to attract people who impulse shop, black will make a larger impact.


It's important to keep the wording on commercial signs simple, because people do not take the time to read banners that are elaborately worded. So, when you're designing your custom sign, try to relay your message in as few words as possible.

When you order a custom commercial sign, you have to be able to tell the printing company exactly what you want. So, before you try to order your commercial sign, take some time to consider the wording you want to use, as well as the sign's size and color.

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11 December 2015

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